Thursday, February 26, 2009

here's how exxon got hooked up with the israeli americans...

• 60s--- exxon explores for uranium

• 1969--- exxon establishes Exxon Nuclear Company, Inc, goes whole hog on startup, 200 million spent, billions planned

• 1970--- american oil production peaks. how far back did exxon see this coming?

• 1979--- film "the china syndrome" debuts 12 days before three mile island

• 1979--- three mile island meltdown, israeli american media hysteria, no casualties

• 1979-1981--- lee raymond president of Exxon Nuclear ...three mile island damage control?

• 1983--- merle streep as karen silkwood, assisted by director mike nichols and producer norah ephron, demonstrates how evil the nuke industry is.

• 1986--- chernobyl. sabotage? 60 deaths, more israeli american media hysteria, chernobyl contributes to disintegration of soviet union, and the collapse of the soviet union paves the way for israeli russians' takeover russian energy

• 1986--- exxon dumps Exxon Nuclear a few months after chernobyl

• 1993--- lee raymond was named chairman and chief executive officer of Exxon Corporation

• 1997--- PNAC founded by radical israeli americans of the AEI (american enterprise institute), kristol and kagan, at neocon central, 1150 17th St NW, washington dc, home of the AEI and bill kristol's weekly standard, the neocons' flagship publication.

• 1998--- exxon overtly signs on with the israeli americans. the primary israeli american think tank, the AEI (american enterprise institute) has received $1,870,000 from ExxonMobil since 1998

• 2000--- the israeli american plan surfaces at PNAC ---a spinoff of the AEI----noting the need for "a new pearl harbor" to stimulate support for an israeli american project to grab control of middle east/central asian energy deposits and transport routes.

PNAC member cheney's behavior is inconsistent...

he acknowledged peak oil in 1999, and in may 2001, after he was installed as vice president, called for 1300 to 1900 new nuke plants in america.

...but when he finally realized the israeli americans were running things and were opposed to nuclear power plants, saw that exxon had knuckled under, and saw israeli americans had a plan (the PNAC 9/11 operation), he abandoned his calls for more nuke power and quit talking about peak oil.

• 2001--- israeli russians ---yukos oil oligarchs and others--- were still in control of russian energy, thus ensuring oil supplies to israeli america once israeli americans begin tearing up the middle east oil patch in their project to rearrange the middle east to israeli spec...

exxon, shortly after 9/11, signs the sakhalin deal with russia, scheduled to become the largest foreign investment ever in russia.... but the handwriting was on the wall as gusinsky, the israeli russian media oligarch, had already been purged, and had fled to israel.

...this handwriting, pointing to eventual expulsion of the yukos oligarchs and other israeli russian gangsters, contributed to the urgency of getting the 9/11 project underway, in hopes of generating enough sympathy that putin would allow israeli russians to remain in control of russian energy

• 2002--- lee raymond, CEO of exxon, named vice-chairman of the AEI’s board of trustees.

• 2003--- khodorkovsky, the israeli russian boss of yukos, attempts to sell yukos to exxon, then run by CEO lee raymond ---the same lee raymond who became the vice-chairman of the board of the israeli american AEI think tank in 2002... the same lee raymond who took over Exxon Nuclear during the three mile island crisis in 1979

• 2003--- iraq shocked and awed... lies about iraq wmds, promoted by the AEI, PNAC and the israeli american media, serve as pretext

• by the end of 2004, the yukos oil oligarchs, media oligarch gusinsky and berezovsky were purged (most of them fleeing to israel), causing howls of outrage from the israeli american press and neocons like richard perle--- who is probably one of the masterminds of the whole dismal 9-11/PNAC project...

and so the israelis and israeli americans would have to proceed with the PNAC project without guarantees of russian oil supplies in the event oil production was disrupted as the middle east was remodeled.

• 2005--- raymond retires from exxon with a $400 million dollar golden parachute (a bonus for his help in setting up the invasion of iraq?) and slides into his position as head of the National Petroleum Council in October of 2006.

• 2009, february--- lee raymond has lately disappeared from the AEI, and his disappearance may be an indication that the AEI is feeling some heat for its role in lying us into the PNAC oil acquisition project, not to mention the dawning suspicion that the AEI/PNAC outfit had something to do with staging 9/11.